Have you ever considered switching over to solar? Of course, you have. With a new story or stat coming out almost every week on the growing effectiveness of this energy source, you’d have to be crazy not to have considered it. It’s true, solar power is rapidly becoming the darling of the energy sector. The public loves it. And commercial […]

What is the Empire Electric Solar Rebate? Solar Rebate For Joplin area and SW Missouri Residents Are you thinking about going solar and your utility company is Empire Electric? If so, you’ve got a golden opportunity in front of you that won’t be here for long. Empire Electric District is offering a “once-in-a-lifetime” solar rebate […]

Solar Power: Springfield’s Best Kept Secret For the last several years, Springfield has seen an increase in population and business growth. It has become a city of opportunity and one of the reasons is its residents investing in solar power. Solar power in Springfield has become a gold mine, not just for the city, but for […]

What is the Solar Federal Tax Credit? Solar Tax Credit For Southwest Missouri Homeowners Installing a solar system on your house is a great way to take control of your finances and lock in the rate that you pay for the next 25 years plus. However, there is an initial investment required in order to buy […]

What is Net Metering? Net metering is a term that gets used a lot in the realm of solar energy and it carries with it some confusion. What exactly is it and how does it help you when installing solar panels on your home? Net metering is a process in which a utility company keeps […]