We make financing your solar system simple.

Saves You Money

Financing your solar purchase allows you to start taking advantage of solar energy now, while paying for it slowly over time. You lock in your rate while the utility rate keeps going up. The difference between what you would be paying the utility and what you pay for your solar system represents the savings you realize. At some point, you stop paying a solar payment. Your utility bill never stops if you don’t go solar. At that point, the savings really start to stack up.

Financing Options

Your energy consultant will go over all of your options and help you pick the financing option that best fits your situation.


Cash Purchase

The simplest way to buy solar is with a cash purchase. This can be done by using cash savings or through an option such as a home-equity loan. There are a few benefits of going this route:

  • Take advantage of a 26% federal tax credit. This reduces your taxes on a dollar-for-dollar basis and can be used over multiple years if necessary.
  • Liberty Utilities/Empire Electric offers a cash rebate for customers who choose to install solar. This offsets even more of the cost to go solar.
  • No monthly solar payments – Once you pay for the system upfront, you’re done paying for solar and you start saving money every month.
  • Simple payment process – We accept several forms of payment including: cash, check, bank wire, and even credit card.  Some customers prefer to use their credit cards and rack up cash back or points offers with their purchase.


No Money Down Options

Solar Loan

The most common way to go solar is with a solar loan. With a solar loan, you get the money for the solar system now and then pay it back over time.

For many customers, the loan payment is less than what the equivalent electric bill would be right away.

  • Get a fixed monthly payment for the life of your loan.
  • Take advantage of tax credits and rebates where available.
  • Programs for varying levels of credit and income.
  • Once the loan is paid off,  the electricity your system produces is free!

PACE Program

PACE is a government program that allows homeowners and businesses to finance the installation of a solar system through the help of their property taxes.

Your system gets installed and then your property taxes are increased slightly for the next 20 years to pay off the system. It’s available in all of Greene County and will be available in more areas in Missouri soon.

  • Get approved with any credit score.
  • Does not depend on income.
  • Stays with the property if you sell the home.

see which programs can work for you


A number of financial incentives are available to help you pay for your solar system, depending on where you live.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal investment tax credit (FTIC) is the biggest incentive to help homeowners and businesses go solar. It allows you to get a tax credit in the amount of 26% of your solar project cost. This allows you to save a substantial amount of money on your federal taxes on a dollar-for-dollar basis. It’s not a tax deduction…it’s an actual credit that reduces your tax bill.

Solar System Total Cost = $25,000
Federal Tax Credit = $7500
Net Solar System Cost = $17,500

If you owe $7500 to the federal government in taxes, that $7500 tax credit would then make your bill $0. If you don’t realize all of that tax credit in a single year, you can roll it over into multiple years until it’s gone.

Utility Electric Rebate

If you happen to have Liberty Utilities/Empire District, Ameren, or Evergy as your utility provider, you can also get a nice rebate for going solar. Currently, the rebate is equal to $.25/w, depending on how big your solar system is. That adds up to thousands of free dollars to pay for your solar system. The utility will cut you a check for this shortly after installation, so the savings can be realized right from the beginning.

Solar System Total Cost = $25,000
Empire District Electric Rebate = $4250
Federal Tax Credit = $6225
Net Solar System Cost = $14,525

Simple Solar Promoter Program

With our “promoter” program, you can pay for your system in no time. By simply referring your friends and family members, you can get $750 per referred customer. With a handful of friends referred, you’ve essentially created your own rebate program to further pay down your system cost.

Once you give us a referral, they’ll appear in your customer portal and you’ll be able to see the status of their projects at a glance. You’ll never have to wonder what happened to your referral and the more people you tell, the more you can make.

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