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Are you looking for financing options for solar energy in the Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa or Illinois? We can help you choose the best option that saves you the most money. Financing your solar purchase allows you to take advantage of solar energy now, while paying for it slowly over time. Lock in your rate while the utility rate keeps going up. The difference between what you would be paying the utility company and what you pay for your solar system represents your savings. At some point, you stop paying a solar payment. Your utility bill never stops if you don’t go solar.


Avoid monthly solar payments, access cash rebates from your utility company, and take advantage of the 26% Federal tax credit with this payment process.


No money down, competitive interest rates and fixed monthly payment–regardless of credit. Once you pay the loan off, your electricity cost is minimal.


A government program allows homeowners to finance solar through an increase in their property taxes. No money down, not based on income, and stays with the property.


Multiple lease options available. Lock in a low, fixed monthly rate that will not increase over time. Options with and without upfront cost, credit checks and income requirements.


Use the federal investment tax credit (FTIC) to offset 30% of your solar cost. Note this is not a deduction, it reduces your overall tax bill.


We offer a $750 discount for each person you refer. Get an extra $500 bonus for every four sales made because of your referrals.

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Using Google Earth Satellite images, we’ll survey your roof and deliver your free estimate!


What Our Customers Say About Us

Monte Vlasin
Josh Schwab
Tara Smith
Paul Breshears
Anita Kennedy
Matthew Stublefield

“I got quotes from three companies before I went with Simple Solar. They by far had the best system for less money than the other two. This was one of my best purchasing experiences I’ve ever had, bar NONE!!!”

- Project Manager

"Quick response with the quote, paper work and agreements. Fast installation and so far it's producing everything they said it would. Happy customer averaging between 50-64 kwh a day with the net metering. I'm producing more than I'm consuming."

- Manager

“Was very helpful with everything. Cathy was on top of getting inspection approved and it to electric company Installers were respectful and polite. Thanks to all of the Simple Solar team with all their help going solar.”

- Project Manager

"Honesty, no sugar coating, professionalism, forward thinking, outside of the box thinking, all describe Simple Solar. I checked with at least 6 different companies. In the end, there was only one that never broke their word. Simple Solar is who you can trust, we did, and it's the best decision we've ever made.”

- Cheif Officer

“Simple Solar installed solar panels at our home last year. We have gone from $400.00 electric bills to the minimum of $35.00. This company was easy to work with, free estimates, and very professional.”


"I talked to several other companies in town, but Simple Solar made it an absolute no-brainer. Really easy choice to make after talking to them about the technology. They were super knowledgable. I was doing a ton of research and they were able to answer questions for me. They had the best financing out there. They've been around for a long time and do great work! You can rely on them to get you taken care of."


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