Solar Power: Springfield’s Best Kept Secret

For the last several years, Springfield has seen an increase in population and business growth. It has become a city of opportunity and one of the reasons is its residents investing in solar power. Solar power in Springfield has become a gold mine, not just for the city, but for its residents who have invested in the alternative energy source. Why the interest? Well, there are four reasons solar paneling has been on the rise.

Property Tax Exemption

 Residential solar power in Springfield is subject to local and state property tax exemption. The exception to this rule is residents who financed their solar panel installation through the state’s Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (PACE).

PACE allows homeowners who are in the low-income bracket and have poor credit to install solar panels by paying for it by way of a slight increase in their property taxes. However, if the resident moves or sells the property, the solar panels must remain on the home.

It’s Become a Community Effort

 Solar power in Springfield has grown from an individual choice to a community effort. When you install your solar energy system, your neighbors reap the benefits as well. Choosing to tie your solar panels to the grid, allows neighbors on the same distribution line to see a drop in their energy bill as well.

In addition, solar panels free up space on the electric grid which helps to respond to power outages at a faster rate. It also decreases the overall cost of the community’s power usage, thereby dropping the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh).

The Net Metering Requirement

 In Missouri, utility companies are required to offer residents who have installed solar panels the option to participate in net metering. In Springfield and the surrounding area, net metering has become a driving force for residents to invest because it allows residents to make a small profit off of their extra energy.

When homeowners purchase solar panels, they have an option to tie them into the electric grid. Tying to the electric grid means that homeowners have the option to sell the excess power that they produced within any given month back to the electric company. The company will then use the extra power to conserve, which frees up the grid and distribution lines.

Encourages Other Environmentally-Friendly Efforts

 If you are someone that doesn’t recycle, after installing your solar energy panels you may reconsider. As people begin to realize the benefits of alternative resources, they’re typically more inclined to join in on other “green” activities like recycling or water conservation.

As a result of an increase of solar power in Springfield, local businesses and homeowners have begun to increase their water conservation and improved recycling measures. This push to encourage environmentally-friendly initiatives is, in part, thanks to residents and businesses who have chosen to invest in solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

Spring into Action with Simple Solar

 Simple Solar’s goal is to bring simplicity to installing solar power in Springfield and areas within a 90-mile radius.

Our expert team of solar energy technicians are well-versed in alternative energy sources. We’ll walk you through each step, including finding financing options that will work for your budget.

Our state-of-the-art satellite imaging system will be able to find your home on a map. From there, we will collaborate with you and design a satellite system that will work for your home and your household budget. In addition, we have a simple to use online monitoring system, where you can track how much energy you’re saving and the health of your solar panels.

For more information about Simple Solar or to get a free quote, contact us today. Our friendly sales team will be more than happy to start you on the path to energy savings.



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