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Solar Panels

We offer a variety of solar panel systems. So whether you're off the grid or utility connected we can install ground or roof mounted systems to power your home from the sun’s energy.


Energy Storage

Store energy produced from your solar panels with batteries that reserve access energy for later use after sundown, during energy demand peaks, or during a power outage.


Charging Stations

Coming Soon! We'll install and service electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to provide you with a way to charge your electronic vehicle. You may also use charging stations to power other devices.


EE Upgrades

With every installation, receive a complimentary energy audit and up to $1,500 in energy efficiency upgrades like a digital thermostat or LED lighting kit to reduce energy consumption.

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Simply Different

Custom Designed Solar Energy Systems for Your Home

Choosing the size and placement of a solar panel system can be overwhelming, so our highly-trained crew makes it easy! We use a simple three-step process to design a system that’s appropriately sized for your home’s energy needs.

  1. Using advanced satellite imagery and your utility bill we’ll design a customized system built to support your home. 
  2. Once the design is approved, we’ll conduct a site survey, order materials, obtain all necessary permits from the utility company, and install a rooftop or ground mount system with energy storage if needed.
  3. Facilitate city inspection, utility connection, turn on system and monitor.

Contact us today for a personal, no-obligation solar panel design and estimate. 

Benefits of Solar

Use the Sun to Become Energy Independent

With the fluctuating cost of fuel, an unpredictable electrical grid, and inflation–using the sun’s natural energy to power your home and become energy independent is more important than ever. Let us help you evaluate and plan for a more predictable utility bill.


Control Energy Costs

The cost of electricity is going up. By installing energy efficient solutions like solar panels you can take control of your future energy costs and the panels will eventually pay for themselves.


Increase Home Value

Installing solar panels can increase your home's value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar panels, according to recent solar research done by Zillow.


Produce & Use Clean Energy

Using sustainable energy from solar panels to power your home will not release pollutants into the air and meets energy needs now without compromising future generations.


Take Advantage of Incentives

There are sales and/or property tax exemptions, rebates from electric companies, plus you can deduct 26% of your solar cost with the Federal Investment Tax Credit to reduce your tax bill.

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Improve Home value

Get PEARL Certified & Access to Green Door

We’ll provide a Pearl Certification report (valued at $450+) to give you the guidance and tools you need to maximize the value of your home for appraisal, refinance or sale. The Green Door platform empowers homeowners to understand the details of assets they currently have in their home, receive recommendations on improvements, keep track of home maintenance, and find Pearl Contractors and Real Estate Agents.

Our Portfolio

Our Recent Residential Projects


Providing Solar Energy to the Midwest and Beyond

As the demand for knowledgeable, customer service-oriented solar and renewable energy providers increase, and the cost of going solar becomes more affordable–we’re expanding to offer services in more states. We are going to be around for the long-term, currently serving Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas while planning to expand our operations to Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Virginia.

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NABCEP Certified

Highly qualified and experienced installers with the most esteemed certification in solar.


25-Year Warranty

25-year panel performance guarantee provided by the panel manufacturer.



The only solar company in the midwest endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy

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