Are you contemplating what to do with your old solar panels? The used PV module marketplace is thriving, offering plenty of opportunities for sellers. Our guide will steer you to the best spots to turn those panels into cash, ensuring they continue to aid in the advancement of green energy efforts.

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Understanding Used Solar Panels Market

A rural community installing used solar panels on an off-grid system.

The used solar panels market is taking shape as more people show interest in sustainable and cost-effective energy sources. People are learning that older solar panels still hold value and can power systems for many years.

This growing awareness creates a demand for pre-owned modules. Builders, remote communities, and DIY enthusiasts often look to buy second-hand panels.

Solar startups also eye this market to supply affordable off-grid energy solutions. They use used solar panels to build microgrids or add them to existing power grids. Some even specialize in pairing these panels with battery storage or electric vehicle charging stations.

The key is finding the right buyers who need reliable renewable energy generation at lower costs.

Where to Sell Used Solar Panels?

A person is selling a used solar panel on a renewable energy marketplace.

Discover the various platforms and services that cater to the niche market of used solar panels, offering you avenues to connect with buyers keen on sustainable solutions and cost-effective installations.

From dedicated online marketplaces specializing in renewable energy components to consignment options that handle your equipment sales, find out where your used solar PV panels can fetch a competitive price while contributing positively to the circular economy.

Kinect Solar Consignment

Kinect Solar makes selling used solar panels easy. They offer a consignment service that takes care of everything. You won’t pay a fee until your items sell. This is great for anyone with unused solar equipment.

Kinect Solar buys both new and used gear, so you’re covered either way.

They stay up-to-date on the latest in US solar industry trends, too. From federal policy changes to breakthrough technologies, they know what’s happening. If you want to tap into the market, they can help you price your equipment right.

Sunhub: Shop New and Used Solar Panels

Sunhub is a bustling solar marketplace. Here, anyone can buy or sell solar products, including both new and old panels. Their platform connects buyers with sellers, creating a space where used solar gear gets a second life.

This helps cut down on e-waste and supports zero-waste goals.

Sellers list their panels easily on Sunhub’s user-friendly site. They set their own pricing, often below the typical cost per watt of new panels. Buyers browse these listings to find deals that fit their budget while supporting renewable energy sources by reusing equipment.

Solar Recycling

As you explore options for selling used solar panels, consider the environmentally friendly choice of recycling. Solar panel recycling makes sure valuable materials don’t end up in landfills.

Instead, parts like aluminum and glass from old panels can be sold to metal yards. This helps keep the industry sustainable by providing materials that can be reused.

Recycled solar panels contribute to a net zero goal by reducing waste. They go through a process where they are stripped of usable components and materials. These processes save energy and make sure that we have enough resources for future solar construction.

Recycling offers an alternative disposal method that is much better than simply treating old solar panels as trash.

Considerations When Selling Used Solar Panels

When putting used solar panels on the market, it’s critical to weigh factors like their remaining lifecycle and potential demand, to ensure you connect with buyers who see the value in revitalizing your existing renewable energy assets.

Continue reading to discover how these considerations can influence a successful sale.

Resale vs. Recycling

Resale and recycling offer distinct paths for used solar panels. Below is a comparative overview of both options.

Provides the opportunity to recoup some investment from functional panels.Environmental responsibility by ensuring safe disposal and material recovery.
Solar panels have a long lifespan, making them suitable for second-hand use.The cost of recycling a panel can range from $15-45 in the US.
Reselling used panels can be less lucrative compared to original sale prices.Solar panel recycling prepares for the influx of end-of-life panels.
Quality assurance is crucial for maintaining the value of used panels for resale.The EPA provides guidelines on how to recycle end-of-life solar panels.

Ensuring Equipment Quality for Resale

Check your solar panels carefully before putting them up for sale. Look for any damage, and make sure they’re working well. This helps get the best price and keeps buyers happy. Clean them up, too—dirt can hide problems that might turn buyers off.

Test the panels to prove they still make electricity as expected. Replace worn parts like fuses or battery charging cables if needed. Provide records of your maintenance to show how well you’ve taken care of the equipment.

Good quality means a better chance of selling at a higher price.

– Considerations When Selling Used Solar Panels


Selling used solar panels offers a chance to make some money. Look for buyers in regions where the second-hand market is strong. Choose the right platform, like consignment or online sales, and consider your options carefully.

Selling can be better than throwing them away. Always ensure your old panels are in good shape before you sell them.

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Where can I sell my used solar panels?

You can sell your used solar panels on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. These platforms let you reach a large targeted audience.

Can I only sell whole solar panels, or parts too?

Yes, you can also sell parts of solar systems such as microinverters and thin-film modules besides the whole panel.

Are there any other places to market used solar panels?

Absolutely! Solar farms may be interested in buying them for their infrastructure, or you could use marketing services that cater to selling such items.

What if I can’t sell my old solar panels?

If selling isn’t an option, consider recycling your solar panels to get some credit and help the environment.

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