Investigating affordable solar solutions can seem as though you’re traversing the universe. Did you know that second-hand solar panels might be as low as $0.10 per watt? This article will guide you through the stellar void to uncover reliable used solar panels, shedding light on your journey to reduce expenses and power your home sustainably.

Keep reading; a brighter future awaits!

Why Consider Buying Used Solar Panels?

Installation of used solar panels on rooftop with vibrant landscape background.

Buying used solar panels can save you money. New solar panels are expensive, but used ones often cost less. This means you can get into solar power without spending a lot of cash up front.

Even though they’re not new, many used panels work well and can still help lower your energy bills.

Used solar panels come at prices that vary from cheap to more moderate amounts per watt. This range depends on several things like the brand, how old they are, and their condition.

So you might find a deal that fits your budget nicely. Used solar cells can let you enjoy renewable energy for less money.

Next, it’s important to know what to look out for when shopping for these second-hand gems.

Key Points to Know About Used Solar Panels

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Before diving into the market for used solar panels, it’s crucial to arm yourself with knowledge about what you may encounter. Understanding their history and condition is essential to ensure that your investment in solar energy remains a smart choice for long-term energy efficiency.

Potential Degradation

Used solar panels might not work as well as new ones. Over time, they can lose some of their power to make energy from the sun. This happens because of many things like weather and sunlight wearing them down.

Think about how a soccer ball gets old after you play with it a lot.

Solar panels usually become less powerful by about 0.5% each year. After 10 years, they may only work at 89% of their first power. After 20 years, this could go down to 80%. It’s important to know this so you understand how much energy you’ll get from used solar panels.

Possible Damage

Solar panels can get hurt. Storms or broken parts might make them work less well. If they’re damaged, they won’t turn sunlight into electricity as good as new ones do. It’s smart to check with the seller about any damage before you buy used solar panels.

Always ask for pictures and details about how well the panels work. This will help you know what you’re getting. Next up is “Lack of Warranties“, which is something else to think about when buying used solar panels.

Lack of Warranties

Buying used solar panels often means you won’t get a warranty. This is a big deal because warranties can protect you if your panels have problems or don’t work right. New solar panels come with long warranties, but when you buy them used, those promises to fix or replace them may not apply anymore.

You might find refurbished ones, but they usually don’t have a warranty either. So, if something goes wrong with your second-hand solar panel, fixing it will be up to you and might cost extra money.

Always check for this before deciding to buy used panels; it’s important to protect your investment in green energy.

When shopping for pre-owned panels, remember that without the safety net of a warranty backing them up, you’re taking more risk than buying new ones with strong guarantees. Used solar panel efficiency can decrease over time too.

If there’s no promise from the seller about their condition or how good they are at turning sunlight into power (solar panel efficiency), think carefully and weigh the risks against the savings on price.

Where to Buy Used Solar Panels?

Discover the various platforms where eco-conscious buyers can find quality used solar panels to kickstart or expand their renewable energy projects. Continue reading to unlock the treasure trove of sustainable savings!

Online marketplaces like Sunhub and eBay

Online marketplaces offer easy ways to find used solar panels. Sunhub is a special place to shop for sun power goods. It’s made just for buying and selling solar gear like panels and inverters.

People can search for what they need or sell things they don’t want anymore.

eBay is another choice where tons of stuff, including used solar panels, are sold every day. Shoppers must watch out though; not everything you see is true or good. Check the seller’s history and reviews to make sure they’re honest.

This helps buyers feel safer about their choices and avoid bad deals.

Local markets

You can also find used solar panels at local markets. These places often have second-hand solar goods due to the large market in regions like the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

People sell panels that still work well for a lower price. It means you can save money and get what you need nearby without waiting for shipping. Check out local ads or ask around to see where people are selling used solar PV systems.

Shops might not always have them, but someone in your community could be looking to upgrade their system and sell their old panels cheaply.

Optimal Placement and Direction for Used Solar Panels

To get the most power from used solar panels, place them where they face true south in the northern hemisphere and true north in the southern hemisphere. This direction is best because solar panels catch more sunlight when they point straight at the sun.

The angle is also key for good performance. Match it to your roof’s slope or use a tilt angle calculator if your roof isn’t angled right.

Solar panel orientation matters a lot too. East- or west-facing panels won’t do as well as ones facing directly towards the equator. Aim for an angle that mirrors how far you are from the equator to soak up maximum sunshine.

Tools like tilt calculators help find this perfect spot without guesswork.

Choose places with no shade on your property to put used solar panels so nothing blocks the sun all day long. Check around for trees or buildings that might create shadows during different times of day and avoid those spots.

Installing solar panels where they can stay clear of shadows ensures better energy collection throughout each season.


You can find used solar panels in many places. Check out Sunhub for detailed listings or search on eBay and Amazon. If you prefer to shop locally, explore markets near you. Remember, buying used is a smart move that saves money and helps the planet!

For insights on optimal placement and direction for your used solar panels, be sure to read our detailed guide here.


Can I save money with used solar inverters and micro inverters?

Yes, buying used solar inverters and micro inverters can help you save money on your investment in solar technology.

Is it safe to use second-hand solar equipment from SunPower?

It’s usually safe to use second-hand gear if it’s from a trusted brand like SunPower but always check the item’s condition before buying.

Do I still get an investment tax credit if I buy used panels?

The Investment Tax Credit may not apply to used panels. Check the rules or ask for advice to be sure about your savings on taxes.

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