A solar blanket, also known as a swimming pool cover, is designed to maintain water temperature. It resembles a large piece of bubble wrap and sits on the surface of the pool. The small bubbles within the cover capture sunlight and utilize it to heat the water in your pool.

They also help keep the heat from escaping when the air gets cooler.

This special cover does more than just warm up your pool. It helps you save money by cutting down on heating costs. Solar blankets are strong because they’re made with materials that stand up to sun damage, like UV-stabilized polyethylene or polypropylene.

You can find them built with two layers – one flat and one bubbled – which work together as an insulator to hold in warmth.

How Does a Solar Blanket Work?

A pool covered with a solar blanket surrounded by greenery.

Solar blankets act like a lid on your pool. They capture the sun’s warmth and transfer it directly to the water beneath them. This process uses solar energy, which is free from the sun, to increase your swimming pool’s temperature.

The cover looks similar to bubble wrap, but it’s made for pools.

The bubbles in the solar blanket have an important job. They create insulation that keeps heat from escaping when temperatures drop at night or when it’s cloudy. Air bubbles also help save water by reducing evaporation by up to 95 percent.

With less heat loss and evaporation, you won’t need to use a pool heater as much, lowering your energy costs.

Benefits of Using a Solar Blanket

A solar blanket covers a sunlit pool in a landscaped backyard.

A solar blanket not only serves as a guard against heat loss and unwanted pool debris but also stands as a sustainable ally in reducing your energy bills, further details of which will kindle your interest to explore more.

Reduces energy consumption

Solar blankets are great for saving energy in swimming pools. They act as a barrier to keep the warmth in, meaning your pool heater works less. This cuts down on the energy needed to keep the water at a comfortable temperature.

The U.S. Department of Energy says pool covers like solar blankets can make a big difference in your energy use and bills.

Using a solar pool cover makes sure less heat escapes from your pool through evaporation. Less heat lost equals less heating up required. Over time, this means serious savings since you’re not using as much electricity or gas to warm the water back up after it cools down overnight or during bad weather.

Minimizes evaporation

Covering your pool with a solar blanket traps heat and drastically cuts down on water loss. Up to 95% of the pool’s evaporation is stopped, meaning you won’t have to fill up the swimming pool often.

This barrier saves water and maintains a stable water temperature.

Solar blankets are perfect for areas where wind speed, high temperatures, or low humidity can dry out pools quickly. They keep the warmth in and the cold air out. Next, let’s explore how they also keep unwanted dirt and leaves away from your relaxing swim space.

Keeps out debris

A solar blanket does more than just hold in heat; it also acts as a barrier against unwanted materials. Leaves, dirt, and twigs often find their way into pools. This can make the water dirty and lead to more work for pool owners.

With a solar pool cover, up to 90% of this debris stays out of the water. This keeps your swimming area cleaner and saves you time on pool maintenance.

Not only do these thermal bubbles keep the water warm, but they also stop algae from growing by blocking sunlight when the pool is not in use. The protection from debris means fewer chemicals are needed to keep the pool clean.

Solar blankets offer effective debris protection without needing extra tools or gadgets to get the job done right.

Drawbacks of Using a Solar Blanket

Solar pool covers are great for keeping pools warm, but they have some downsides. Before deciding on a solar blanket, consider these points.

  • They don’t heat the water; they just keep what warmth there is from escaping.
  • Durability can be an issue since these blankets may tear or wear out faster than other types of covers.
  • Solar blankets pose a danger in the pool area. Both people and animals could get trapped underneath and risk drowning.
  • These covers are not made to prevent accidents. They lack the necessary tension to stop someone from falling into the water.
  • Even though you might save on heating costs, solar blankets don’t offer as much warmth as other methods like heaters or heat pumps.
  • Spending money on one might not be smart if you need your pool to be warm.

Thinking about these drawbacks can help decide if investing in a solar blanket makes sense for your swimming pool needs. Moving forward, let’s talk about whether this investment will pay off in savings over time.

Is a Solar Blanket Worth the Investment?

A solar blanket can make a big difference in your pool’s heat retention. You pay less for heating because it traps the sun’s warmth.

  • Cuts down on energy bills: Using a pool heater eats up electricity or gas, but a solar cover may eliminate those costs.
  • Reduces evaporation: Water loss is a big deal, and solar blankets help keep water in your pool, saving on refill costs.
  • Blocks debris: Leaves and bugs stay out of the water when you use a swimming pool cover.
  • Warms your pool naturally: The sun heats your water without extra equipment or expenses.
  • Slows down heat loss overnight: Even after sunset, the blanket keeps your pool warmer longer.
  • Limits mold growth: By keeping moisture levels stable, it prevents unwanted fungi from spreading.

Buying one might seem costly at first, yet over time you save more than you spent. Dealers offer various options to fit different budgets and pools. Franchisees sometimes have deals that include installation or extras like batteries for automatic covers.

Solar cables are durable and last long justifying their price as part of an efficient system.

In general, if you’re looking to cut back on heating costs and retain warm water in your swimming pool covers are worth considering.


In conclusion, solar blankets are smart covers for your pool. They use the sun’s power to warm the water. With these covers, you can swim in a warmer pool without using extra energy.

Plus, they keep dirt and leaves out of your pool water. Solar blankets show that being eco-friendly can also be convenient and cost-effective for swimmers.

If you’re interested in solar power solutions, learn more about what a solar combiner box is and how it can enhance your system’s efficiency.


How does a solar blanket work?

Solar blankets act like big solar panels on top of your pool, trapping the sun’s warmth and using it to raise the water temperature without needing extra electricity or gas.

Can I charge my stuff with a solar blanket?

While you can’t directly charge devices with a standard solar pool cover, some blankets have built-in solar cells that work as battery chargers for small items.

Is installing a solar pool cover hard?

Nope! Solar pool cover installation is easy; you just spread it over your swimming pool and trim it to fit if necessary.

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