Want to Know the Secret to Saving $50,000 on Bills You Already HATE to Pay?

Learn how smart Southwest Missouri homeowners are taking control of their financial future… for $0 down!

But First…A Quick Story About Two Neighbors…and One Happy Wallet

One afternoon in Southwest Missouri, two homeowners checked the mail after a long day at work.

Dave and Tom both found the normal assortment of junk mail and bills. They both walked inside their respective houses and started to work their way through the pile of envelopes.

After opening a few letters, both men came to an envelope from the power company – the electric bill. As Dave came to that regular piece of mail from the utility, he grimaced, wondering just how much they were going to automatically deduct from his bank account this month. A feeling of helplessness crept over him, not knowing if it would be higher than last month.Once he removed the bill from the envelope, it hit him…$250 on its way to the electric company, never to be seen again.

“Isn’t that a lot more than I was paying a few years ago? What changed? We didn’t change anything that should make our electric bill be so much higher? Oh well…that’s just the way it is. It beats living in the dark.”

After a few minutes of frustration, he let it go and moved on. It was the same ritual and feeling that he had every single month for years.

Paying the Power Company is Just Part of Life… Like Death and Taxes.

About the same time, Tom uncovered his envelope from the power company and a faint smile began to form on his face. As he started to open it, a knowing assurance came over him instead of helpless inevitability. Opening the electric bill created a feeling of happiness in him…

How could this be? Why would Tom look forward to opening that monthly statement from his electric company?

Amount Due = $28

What was Tom’s secret? Did he live in one of those tiny houses that’s barely big enough to turn around in? Did he only turn the lights on for special occasions?

How did Tom live in a normal house, use his electricity like everyone else on the block and still only have an electric bill of $28?

Years ago, he made the decision to invest in his future instead of sending hundreds of dollars to the power company every single month.

He made the decision to get a solar energy system installed on his home.

Now that Tom isn’t sending a few hundred dollars to the electric company every month, he’s free to decide how he’ll spend his own money. Tom has options….

Will he go on an extra vacation this year?

Maybe he will save for the kids college fund?

Start looking for a new boat or RV he’s been wanting?

Dave, on the other hand, just pays his bills and goes back to his life…

He can’t really afford to take any nice trips. Buying an RV is out of the question. His kids can always get student loans if they decide to go to college.

On the surface, there’s really not much difference between Dave and Tom. They make about the same amount of money and lead similar existences. However, in the area of results, there’s a big difference between the two.

Tom made the decision to take his financial future into his own hands, while Dave just maintained the status quo.

Simple question… Would you rather be like Dave or Tom?

Although solar is still a relatively new thing in Southwest Missouri, hundreds of homeowners have made the decision to buy their own systems.

Solar equipment prices have been dropping drastically over the last decade, as utility rates continue to climb.

In reality, there’s never been a better time than now to get solar.

You can lock in your electric rates instead of being subject to the constant increases from the utility.

Ready to see what solar can save you?

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Before We Go On, Let’s Clear Up Some Solar Myths

  • Isn’t solar really expensive though?  It used to be… but not anymore.  most homeowners with solar are regular, everyday people who wanted to save money.  You don’t need a lot of money in savings or to be independently wealthy.  If you can afford your monthly electrical bill, then you are a candidate for going solar.  Most options even include $0 down!
  • Isn’t solar really complicated? It can be…but not when you choose Simple Solar. We’ve taken the complicated parts out of the process and make it so easy to go solar, it’s a lot like paying your electric bill. The only thing you have to do is make the decision to save money and we take care of the rest.
  • Can I Really Save Money With Solar? Yes…unequivocally yes. Have you noticed over the years your utility bill increasing? That’s because about once a year, the utility company raises its rates. Sometimes they raise them drastically and sometimes its barely noticeable. But they’re always going up. Now imagine that you could just stop paying rate increases forever. Instead of your rate going up each year, it just stays the same. That would be pretty great right? When you get solar, that’s basically what happens. You’re producing power with your very own solar energy system, so the only cost you have is the one-time cost of the system.In addition to not having to pay rate increases, solar gets even more awesome once your system is paid for. At that point, it’s like the utility sending you electricity every single month without having to pay for it. That’s when the savings really start to add up.

So…What’s It Going To Be?

Are you going to be like Dave who opted to stick with the familiar and keep sending money to the utility every month for the rest of his life? Or will you be like Tom and take your future into your own hands?

Tom didn’t have to do much to get where he’s at today. It started with getting a free estimate for a solar system on his home. Now his savings are adding up every single month and he’s never been happier.

You’ll Never Know How Much You Could Save Until You Get A Free Quote

Solar is not for everyone. Some people prefer to stick with what they know. Some houses don’t have enough room to install panels. We’ll never try to convince you to get something that doesn’t make sense for your situation.

But until you get a free consultation from Simple Solar, you’ll never really know. Click on the “Start My Free Solar Design Consultation” button below and we can show you your options. You can see how panels would look on your house, get pricing, see how many thousands of dollars we can help you save, and get your questions answered all online. There’s no obligation to buy and it should only take a few minutes. Why not find out today if solar is right for you? Just imagine what you could do when the savings start piling up.

Why not find out today if solar is right for you?

Just imagine what you could do when the savings start piling up.

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P.P.S.: Still have questions?  We are a small company. We don’t have hundreds of employees in multiple states. All of our people are right here in Southwest Missouri ready to help you out. Let us know how we can help.  417-986-0360

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