The Best Solar Equipment For Your Missouri Home

The Simple Solar Energy System is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of energy with the least amount of worry. We offer high-quality products that are proven to work over the long-term. Once your system is installed, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is working as it should, and every possible drop of sunshine is being converted to usable energy. What makes the Simple Solar energy system different?

Built-In Optimization

It all starts with built-in optimization in the solar panels. Our panels use cutting-edge Maxim technology to optimize on a string level within the panel. The benefit of this built-in optimization is that it harvests more energy than standard panels, while having a much lower likelihood of failure down the road. How does it work?

Standard Solar Panels – To illustrate, consider a typical solar panel. The fact that they convert light into usable electricity is amazing but that’s all they do. This is what the solar industry has been using for decades without any real improvement. If it gets shaded, it often shuts completely off. Not only that, but it affects the production of the entire string of panels. That means if you have 12 panels on a string, all 12 panel’s production will be diminished. Pretty bad, right?

Another major downfall of traditional solar panel systems is that all of the panels in an array need to be facing at exactly the same way at exactly the same angle. This puts constraints on the design of the solar system and sometimes renders sections of the roof unusable.

Old-School Optimization – Another kind of solar system utilizes a basic form of optimization. With this type, a single optimizer is attached at the back of the panel during the installation. It’s a separate component from the panel. The benefit of this type of optimization over standard panels is that it allows each panel to essentially produce power independently. If one panel gets shaded, it doesn’t diminish the power of the rest of the panels on the string. Another advantage is that panels don’t need to be facing the same direction to work on the same string. It provides some design flexibility.

The downside of this type of optimization is that even shading one little corner of the panel can shut down the whole panel from producing. Another drawback is that the optimizer is a separate component that can go bad and then needs to be replaced. More components in a system leads to more potential points of failure overall.

Built-in Optimization

Built-in optimization is a superior method that involves the optimization taking place within the panel. Instead of adding a separate optimizer to the back of the panel while installing, the installer just connects the panel to the string like they would a standard panel. Within the panel are chips that perform the optimization on a string level.

Inside the solar panel are solar cells that convert light to usable electricity. These cells are grouped together in three strings within the panel. With Maxim optimized panels, each string has its own optimization chip.

This means that if part of the panel gets shaded, the rest of it is still producing power. When shade is involved, this can add a substantial amount of energy to the overall production of the system.

Design flexibility is also achieved with built-in optimization. Panels from different roof faces and different angles can be installed on the same string, which helps accommodate even the most challenging roofs.

One of the major benefits that built-in optimization has over “old school” optimization systems is that it fails less often. There are fewer working parts to go bad in this system. This means the installer won’t have to come out every few years to change out an optimizer that went bad behind a panel, or got disconnected.

Built-in optimization also has less likelihood of user error during installation. With traditional optimization, the installer has to ensure that each optimizer is connected to each panel correctly, as well as document serial numbers from each optimizer during the installation for data entry at a later time. When everything is built into the panel, the installer connects it all together and it just works. Sounds pretty simple, right?

A Proven Track Record

While the Maxim optimized panels are a relatively new innovation in the solar industry, this technology has been around for a long time. Maxim is a very experienced company that’s been developing and using this same technology in server, network, and communications power delivery for over 20 years.

This means that you don’t have to worry about a new technology that stops working after a few years. It’s reliable, effective and developed by a leading company in the power optimization sphere.

Fronius Inverters 

Paired with the Jinko Maxim optimized panels, we utilize Fronius inverters. Fronius is a leader in the solar industry and has been one of the most reliable brands over the years. Their inverters have a great track record and help simplify the installation process as well.

A built-in wifi card makes it easy to connect the inverter to your home’s wireless network. This provides reliable monitoring capabilities, and a quick setup process after installation.

The solar industry has a lot of inverter manufacturers with more being added every year. We prefer to use a tried and true brand that’s been around for years instead of the flavor of the week.

IronRidge Solar Racking

IronRidge is a market leader in the solar racking industry and we use their product for all residential projects. IronRidge has been in the solar equipment industry since the mid 90’s and has continually innovated to create the ideal solar racking solution.

Their curved rails help increase the strength and integrity of the overall system. They also decrease the number of roof penetrations required on your roof.

As with the panels we use, there are fewer components with IronRidge than with other racking solutions. Fewer parts means less chance of an issue down the road for you.

We use IronRidge because it’s sleek, strong, and gives you the assurance that your solar system is there to stay when we’re done.

A Simple, Effective Solar System

We’ve chosen each component in our system carefully to ensure the highest-quality, simplicity, and effectiveness. When combined, you get a great solar system that harvests the most energy possible, will stand the test of time, and just works. We’re proud of our products and know that they’d be a great fit for your home.