There have been over 2.4 million solar installations in the US to date and this will double in the next few years.

So why are businesses just like yours investing in solar?

• It’s smart
• It’s clean
• It’s proven
• Creates Brand Value whether your business is local or global
• It’s predictable and reliable
• It can potentially ZERO out your electric bill
• It reduces your carbon footprint

There are dozens of reasons why solar makes good sense. But most of all it generates more revenue.

Let’s Talk Energy Bill Savings

How about the next 25 years of savings? For many businesses, one of their biggest regular expenses is the utility bill. If you could cut out a huge chunk of that by going solar, and make your electricity costs more predictable, that could make a big difference.

Your electric rates are going up, there is no way around it. Stop and think about how much your business used to pay for electricity a few years ago. Now look at your current utility bill. Notice a difference? The national average for electric rate increases is about 5%, but it has actually been higher than that with some utilities around the Midwest. With as much electricity as some businesses use, doing a commercial solar project can make a lot of sense. Over the life of the system, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility costs.

What About Tax Incentives?

Looking for ways to send less of your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam? Investing in solar is one of the best ways to save money on your tax bill.  

Federal Tax Credit – The biggest incentive is the solar tax credit. This allows you to claim a credit on your federal taxes equal to 26% of the cost of your solar system. That essentially takes 26% of the cost of your solar system off the net price and gets you a major tax savings. This is a great way to preserve more of your working capital.

Depreciation – In addition to the federal tax credit, businesses can also take advantage of accelerated depreciation when investing in solar. This ramps up the tax benefits even further, and helps you recoup your investment even faster.

In fact, with all the incentives combined we have seen in many cases over 65% of the cost of a solar system absorbed in year one, through incentives and favorable depreciation. We can make your transition to solar smart and simple.

Rebates – Depending on where your business is located, you may be eligible for additional rebates that will help offset the cost of going solar. Some utilities and jurisdictions offer a generous upfront rebate to go solar. This means they’ll cut you a check to help cover a large chunk of the installation cost to go solar. This can help offset thousands of dollars of the initial cost. When combined with the tax credit and accelerated depreciation, many businesses in these areas have an extremely short payback period on their investment to go solar.

No Money Up-Front Options

Despite the multiple incentives and the many benefits for a business to go solar, one of the big challenges is affording the initial purchase. We work with banks, financial companies, and 3rd parties that can get your solar project off the ground. Simple Solar has several options that can make it possible for a business to go solar.

  • Leasing
  • Power Purchase Agreements

Are You a Non-Profit?

We’ve got you covered. Contact us today and we can go over the many options available to you.

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