Residential Ground Mounted Installation

We installed a ground mount system to offset Luke’s yearly utility cost saving him $4,994 per year. His year one return on investment is 37%, break even point is 8.4 years. Lifetime return on cast is $340,812.

  • Location :
    Joplin, Missouri
  • Energy Needs:
    33.99 kWh, 100% offset
  • Utility Cost:
    $5,637 per year
  • Utility Cost with Solar:
    $643 per year

Our Customers Experience with Solar Installation

“Amazing job! They were able to take an otherwise unusable part of land and turn it into a perfect money saving solar generating farm. They were great from start to finish. I thought there was no way they could complete the project I had envisioned but all I heard was “we can do that.” They worked with us to get an amazing deal with the best price! I couldn’t be happier with the amount of savings I will be getting for decades. Don’t wait!! Get your federal and local tax credits now before they run out!!!!” – Luke W.

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