Solar Portfolio Roof Mounted Solar Energy System This solar panel system powers a 2,235 sq. ft. home. Tom and Tiffany took advantage of the Federal Tax Credit and saved $11,275. They’ll see a lifetime return on investment of $98,159. Location :Strafford, Missouri Energy Needs:12.96 kWh / 36 panels Utility Cost:$1,855 per year Utility Cost with […]

Solar Portfolio Roof Mounted Solar Energy Panel System This solar power energy system reduced their electricity bill by 83% in the first month. Jason took advantage of Empire Electrics $5,120 rebate and the Federal Tax Credit of $7,219. The lifetime return on investment is $86,759. Location :Webb City, Missouri Energy Needs:10.24 kWh Utility Cost:$2,700 per […]

Solar Portfolio Dual Ground Mounted Solar Energy System This ground mounted solar system powers a 5,500 sq. ft. home and in-ground swimming pool, reducing their electric bill to $15/month. Projected to produce more than $514,000.00 worth of power on a 30 year return. They’ll save $404,000.00 in less than 10 years. Location :Fair Grove, Missouri […]

Solar Portfolio Roof Mounted Solar Panel System We installed a roof mount solar energy system to offset Mark & Anita’s yearly utility cost saving them $2,131 per year. Their year one return on investment was 36% and the break even point is 9.6 years. Lifetime return on cost is $130,320. Location :Reeds Spring, Missouri Energy […]