Solar panel installation can be a tricky process. Figuring out which design is suitable for your home comes down to figuring out how many panels you will need. There are several determining factors you will need to know such as how much energy you use, the size of your home, and your budget.
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Estimate How Much Energy You Use

Measuring the amount of energy you use is the first step to gauging how many panels you’ll need to install. Simple Solar accomplishes this task by reviewing your energy bill and determining how many kilowatt-hours you use annually.

Electric companies figure your bill by multiplying the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) by their rate. For example, the average going rate for each kilowatt-hour is $0.10. In a single month, if you use 900 kWh then your bill for the month will be roughly $90.00. Having this information helps us determine how much money you can save by going solar, as well as how many panels it will take to offset your electric usage.

Measuring Your Location Matters

The purpose of installing solar panels is to utilize the energy from the sun to power your home. Factors such as the position of your house and your area’s regulations factor into to how many panels you can install.

The More Sun You Have, The Better

Direct sunlight is an important factor to configuring the number of panels you will need. The more sunlight your house has, the less number of panels you will need. Simple Solar will use satellite technology to assess how much sunlight hits your roof on any given day. This is also an opportunity to look at your surrounding trees and bushes to see if obstructions will allow for you to invest in solar panels.


Some local jurisdictions in Southwest Missouri require permits for solar installations. Some of these cities go by the International Fire Code regulations, which can affect how many solar panels will fit on your roof. These IFC regulations require a setback away from the edge of the roof, meaning that no solar panels can be installed in that area. This allows for firefighters to easily maneuver on your roof in the event of a fire. While the idea behind this regulation is to promote fire fighter safety, it can limit the number of panels you can install in some cases.

The Size of Your Roof Plays a Factor

Solar panels are roughly 3’x5’ and the size of your roof plays a pivotal role in how many of those panels your roof can fit. Roofs come in all shapes and sizes. Our estimation software makes it possible to calculate how many panels will fit on your roof. It takes into consideration the pitch of your roof, the direction it faces, and how much sunlight your home receives. If you decide to go solar, we confirm how many panels will fit, but this remote estimation gives us a good idea of what we can do without the need to visit your home.

Your Budget

The amount of money you want to spend on your solar project also plays a big role in the size of the system. One of the great things about our systems is that each one is completely customized. You can get one as big or as small as your budget will allow. We’ll estimate what it would take to offset your complete electric bill and how much can fit on your roof, or in the yard. From there, it’s up to you to decide how big of a system to install. Many customers will get a smaller system to get started offsetting a portion of their bill and then add on later. With solar, any amount of electricity that you can produce yourself is that much less that you’ll have to buy from the power company.

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Simple Solar is The Smart Choice

The drive behind Simple Solar isn’t just about alternative energy, it’s also about taking a simplistic approach. We aren’t about bombarding you to try to sell a product, we want you to be a part of the process.

Who We Are

Like you, our staff at Simple Solar is a group of innovators. We like to think outside the box by developing a plan that is specific to the energy needs of your home. In addition, we stay up-to-date on the newest solar technology to help our customers stay ahead of the game.

All of our system installers are experienced, highly-skilled contractors that will install your solar system to run efficiently and effectively. Our team and all of our installations are certified and overseen by a National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) associate.

Getting a Quote

First, we’ll gather some very basic information from you like your name, address, and how big your electric bill is. We’ll then setup a time that’s convenient for you to go over a customized solar proposal over the Internet. You can do it via computer, smartphone, or tablet. We’ll show you how the panels might look on your home, how much you can save, and how much good you’ll do for the environment by switching to solar.

We utilize satellite technology and other tools that allow you to be a part of the system design. During our initial call or web session, we will show you a snapshot of your home and give you an estimate based on what the image shows us. In addition, we’ll make sure the system design is how you like it.

Our customers will also receive access to their own portal. This personalized gateway will give you access to your installation plans, designs, financial paperwork, and other information about your project.

After your solar energy system is up and running, you’ll be able to see how your system is doing online. The monitoring device will give you an idea of how much energy you’re producing per day, an estimated cost of how much you’re saving, and allow you to run reports on production over time.

Getting Started with Simple Solar

Simple Solar proudly serves areas within a 100-mile radius of Springfield. Once you receive a quote from us and have an idea about how much solar panels cost, you’ll have the opportunity to explore any of our financing options for your solar system. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us today to receive a quote or schedule a consultation.