How It Works

Going Solar – How It Works

1. Get a Quote

We gather some basic info from you like your name, address, and how much your utility bill is. We design a customized solution for your house using satellite imagery. One of our friendly energy consultants will then give you a proposal over the Internet at your convenience. No high-pressure, in-home sales pitches or shuffling your schedule around to accommodate us. Just get the facts and your questions answered fast. If solar isn’t right for your house, we’ll let you know. If it is, we’ll show you how you can start saving money from day one.

2. Access the Customer Portal

Once you decide to go solar, everything you need is accessible within your customer portal. Design plans, permit applications, utility agreements, financing documents, and everything is right there. You can see the status of your project, message your project manager, and even see the status of referrals you’ve given us right there. It’s easy to use and extremely helpful. If you prefer to just talk to someone over the phone, you can always do that too.

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3. Site Survey

Shortly after you decide to go solar, we send one of our expert solar installers to your home to perform a site survey. They’ll gather information about your home and your existing electrical system. They’ll answer your questions and ensure that no detail is missed.

4. Pre-Installation

Before we begin the installation, we complete mountains of paperwork for your local jurisdiction and utility company. This ensures that the system complies with the National Electric Code and your utility provider. Don’t worry though…all you have to do is sign a few documents and we handle the rest. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout with everything that’s going on.

5. Installation

We use the best installation team in Southwest Missouri and all of the work is overseen by a NABCEP certified solar professional. (link to NABCEP description). They work fast and to the highest installation standards. Most installations can be completed in a day or two and look fantastic when they’re done.

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6. Utility Approval

After the system is installed, the utility will come out and inspect the system. Once they approve it for interconnection, they’ll switch out your meter to one that can keep track of the solar power that your system is producing. Once that happens, your system is turned on and you’re saving money!

7. Monitor Your System

Every Simple Solar system comes with the ability to monitor its performance online. You can see what your system is doing right from your Simple Solar customer portal. See how much you’re saving and watch your system performance over time.

8. Warranty

Your panels are guaranteed to produce for the next 25 years. Problems are rare, but if you ever have an issue, question, or concern…we’re just a phone call or an email away. You can even submit service requests through your customer portal. Most customers notice their electric bills decreasing and forget about the rest. Simple Solar systems are extremely reliable and don’t require you to do anything to make them work.

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