If you’re looking to bask in the warmth of your pool without the high energy bills, think about getting a solar cover as an ideal option. Imagine being able to boost your pool temperature by as much as 15 degrees just with the energy from sunlight! In this piece, we’ll dive into the ways a solar cover can effectively and quickly heat your pool, steering clear of the discomfort of chilly swims.

Keep reading; it’s time to heat things.

Understanding Solar Covers and How They Work

A busy swimming pool with a solar cover under bright sunlight.

Solar covers are like blankets for swimming pools. They are made to catch the sun’s warmth and keep it in the water. Think of them as bubble wrap that floats on top of your pool. The bubbles face down into the water, and they do two main things: trap heat and stop water from getting out into the air.

These solar blankets work during the day by letting UV rays from the sun pass through them to heat up your pool water. At night, they act like an insulator to keep that warmth you gained during the day from escaping too quickly.

This makes sure that less heat is lost when it gets cool outside.

Solar covers also help save money on energy costs because your heater or heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard. Plus, since less water evaporates away, you don’t need to fill up your pool with more water often.

Solar pool covers make sure that there’s less evaporation reduction and better heat retention overall.

Factors Influencing the Speed of Pool Heating with Solar Covers

A solar cover floating on a pool under clear blue skies.

A solar cover can help heat your pool, but different things change how fast it warms up. Let’s look at what can make heating with a solar cover quicker or slower.

  • Weather plays a big part. Sunny days make the solar cover work better by letting more sun reach the water.
  • The air temperature also matters. Warmer air helps the pool heat faster when covered.
  • Cover thickness is important too. Thicker covers may heat slower but keep warmth better at night.
  • The color of the cover affects heating. Clear covers let more sunlight in than dark ones.
  • Pool depth changes things as well. Shallow pools get hot quicker than deep ones with a solar cover.
  • If the cover fits well, there are no gaps for heat to escape and the pool heats up faster.
  • The type of swimming pool cover makes a difference. Solar blankets might work better than solar rings or liquid covers because they cover more evenly.
  • Heat retention features help too. Covers that trap nighttime heat prevent warm water from cooling down quickly.

Typical Heating Rate of a Pool Using a Solar Cover

Delving into the nitty-gritty of how fast a solar cover can heat a pool, it’s time to look at the typical heating rate. This is where expectations meet reality — the speed at which your pool water transforms from bone-chilling to blissfully warm.

Time of DayTemperature Increase RangeAverage Temperature Increase
Morning1-3 degrees2 degrees
Midday5-10 degrees7 degrees
Afternoon3-5 degrees4 degrees
Daily Total10-15 degrees13 degrees

Experts suggest that it can take roughly 6 hours for a fully covered pool to see that sweet spot increase of 10-15 degrees. These figures can help pool owners plan their swim days, ensuring the water is just right by the time everyone’s ready to dive in. Solar covers work their magic more efficiently when paired with other heating systems, like heat pumps. This combo could save a substantial amount of energy, up to 7000kWh yearly. Ready to keep the heat going? Let’s explore how solar covers lead to energy savings in the next section.


Solar covers work well to keep your pool warm. They can make your water warmer by 10-15 degrees if the sun shines for about 6 hours. Remember to spread the cover out all over the pool.

Make sure its bubbles face down to do a good job. Using it right means you can enjoy a nice swim in warm water!

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What does a solar cover do for my pool?

A solar cover is like bubble wrap for your pool. It stops heat from leaving, keeps the water warm at night, and stops leaves from getting in.

How does a solar cover make my pool warmer?

The cover captures sunlight and turns it into warmth for your pool water. This works during the day just like how the sun warms you when you’re outside.

Can a solar cover replace my whole heating system?

No, while a solar cover helps keep your pool warm by using the sun’s power, it doesn’t work as well as a full heating system with engineering and solar collectors.

Will the swimming pool cover help if I swim at night?

Yes! The swimming pool covers trap heat so even when it gets cool outside at night, they keep your pool warm like closing window blinds keeps warmth inside.

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