Are you interested in making your home feel cozier while lowering your energy expenses? Solar screens have been identified by the University of Florida as an excellent way to successfully shield against the intense heat of the sun. This piece provides straightforward instructions on how to install solar screens without having to drill or cause any harm.

Let’s make your windows work smarter, not harder!

Understanding Solar Screens

A person installing solar screens on a window in a suburban neighborhood.

Solar screens are like sunglasses for your windows. They block out some of the sun’s rays, so your house stays cooler. This is good because you don’t have to use as much air conditioning to keep things comfortable inside.

The screens come in different colors and styles. You can pick something that looks nice with your house and does the job well.

Solar screen fabric has an “openness factor“. This tells you how tight the weave is. A tighter weave means less light gets through, but also less see-through from inside to outside.

No matter which one you choose, all solar screens work to cut down on bright spots in a room and make it not as hot when the sun shines in.

Next up, let’s figure out how best to put these screens on your windows!

Determining the Best Mounting Option for Your Window

A person meticulously measures window frame for mounting options.

To choose the right way to put up your solar screens, look at your window type first. Some windows have frames that make it easy to screw in the screen. If you can’t use screws, don’t worry.

There are other ways to fit your solar screen without them. Think about how often you’ll want to take the screen off. If you plan to remove it often, go for a method that lets you do this easily.

Make sure also to check where on your window you can safely put screws if needed. This step helps you avoid damaging the window or frame. Pick a mount that works well with how your window opens and closes too.

You don’t want the screen getting in the way when you need fresh air!

Exploring Different Mounting Options

From casement clips to suction cups, there are various options for attaching solar screens to windows. Check out the different mounting options and find the best one for your needs!

Casement Clips

Casement clips are a strong way to hold solar screens on your windows. You can pick from three sizes: flush, 5/16″, and 7/16″. These metal clips last longer than plastic ones. To put them on, you need to screw them right into the window frame.

Next up, let’s talk about leaf springs and how they work for mounting solar screens.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are heavy-duty and create tension, providing a secure mounting option for solar screens. Quality Window Company offers flat and slide-in corner leaf springs for window screen frames.

These springs consist of individual leaves curved along their length and connected at the center with a center bolt, allowing for a sturdy attachment to windows without the need for screws.

When using leaf springs, you can ensure a reliable and durable connection between your solar screens and windows. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking for a robust mounting option that can withstand various weather conditions.

Brick Clips

Brick clips are a convenient way to attach solar screens onto windows with brick surrounds. These clips slide on the outer edge of the solar screen frame, offering a secure hold without requiring any screws.

The “EZ Brick Grip” method is an innovative approach that utilizes brick clips for mounting solar screens, ensuring a proper fit and stability. It’s important to measure the space between the bricks or surrounding material before using brick clips to attach solar screens, as this helps in achieving a snug and secure installation.

3M Dual Lock

3M Dual Lock is a handy mounting method for solar screens. It’s like double-sided Velcro, so it’s easy to attach and remove the screens when needed. This double-sided tape provides a secure way to mount sunscreens onto windows without needing to screw them in place.

It is used as a removable attachment system for solar screens, proving to be a secure and easy mounting option.

Suction Cups

Now, let’s take a look at another popular option – Suction Cups. Many people opt for suction cups to attach solar screens because they are easy to use and do not require screws or permanent fixtures.

Wetting the suction cup and the window before attaching the solar screen can help improve adhesion.

Moreover, if you’re considering Ultimate Solar Screen 4×4, it comes with suction cups attached, making it even more convenient to stick it onto the window without any additional tools or accessories.


In conclusion, solar screens can be easily attached to windows using different mounting options such as casement clips, leaf springs, and 3M Dual Lock. It’s important to check for screw locations before attaching the screens to avoid hitting the glass.

Whether using brick clips or suction cups, ensure a secure attachment for effective sun-blocking benefits. With these simple steps, you can enjoy energy savings and a cooler indoor environment with solar screens on your windows.

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How do I put a solar screen on my window?

You can attach a solar screen to your window by screwing it in place or using other methods that hold the screen tight against the window.

Do I need special tools to install solar screens?

Yes, mostly you will need a screwdriver and some screws to secure the solar screens onto your window frames.

Can I attach a solar screen by myself?

Sure, with simple tools and following instructions, you can put up a solar screen all by yourself!

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