So you’re thinking about getting a solar system installed in Southwest Missouri and you’re trying to decide which solar company to go with…

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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Why is Simple Solar the clear choice?

A Simple Process

One of the reasons that homeowners often decide not to go solar is because they picture the process like they’re taking on a huge construction project. They feel like it’s overwhelming and ultimately decide to stick with paying their regular electric bill to the utility instead.

In some cases, getting solar installed can be a big project. If you choose the wrong installer, it’s basically like you manage the project yourself. There are utility documents to complete, permits to obtain, and logistics to deal with.

Most of the time with other companies, it’s inconvenient right from the start, as you have to block out a few hours and have someone come into your house just to get a quote.

Here at Simple Solar, we’ve taken the complicated process of getting a solar system and made it…well…really simple.

We’ve streamlined the estimation process, so that you can get a quote online at your convenience. Our energy consultants can design the system remotely using satellite technology and then walk you through everything over the computer, smartphone or tablet. We work around your schedule, and get you the information you need quickly. It’s so much simpler.

If you choose Simple Solar, you choose the system that’s right for you, sign some documents, and then you’re done. We take care of the rest.

Customer Portal

Have you ever done any kind of construction project before and wondered exactly what was happening? You wouldn’t see or hear from the contractor for weeks and then all of a sudden they just show up and start working? With the Simple Solar customer portal, that’ll never be a problem for you.

Once you choose Simple Solar, you’ll be given your very own login to the customer portal on our website. It’s like a window into your solar project that you can look through anytime. You’re always welcome to call or email us, but if you want to just see for yourself, the portal comes in handy.

In the portal you’ll see:

  • Which stage your job is currently in.
  • What has been accomplished on your project so far.
  • A clear description of each stage of the project.
  • Information about your specific project.
  • Project documents for YOUR project – like the project plans, utility paperwork and more.
  • Referrals you’ve given us, as well as their current status.

We’ll keep you updated every step of the way through the portal (with phone calls and emails too). So it’s not one of those “waiting for months, hoping that everything is going OK” situations. You’ll know what’s happening. And the best part is…you don’t have to handle any of it.

Get Solar Fast

One of the common problems that people face when going solar is that it takes too long to get a working system installed. With some solar companies, it’s not uncommon to wait 3-6 months after you buy to get the work done. Your job gets stuck in limbo in one department or another and it just sits there indefinitely. What is happening? Why is it taking so long?

When you’re excited to start saving money on your electric bill…that’s just not good enough.

At Simple Solar, we’ve streamlined the pre-installation process to get your system up and running as soon as possible. Many of our customers get their systems installed within 30 days or less. That means you’ll be saving money faster than you would anywhere else.

The Best Referral Program

Those referrals I mentioned earlier…you’re going to want to tell everyone you know about how awesome your new solar system is. When you do, you’ll get paid $750 every time one of your friends goes solar.

Best of all, you’ll actually feel comfortable referring your friends and family members because you’ll know they’re going to be taken care of like family.

When the referrals get uploaded to your customer portal account, you’ll see where they are in the process as well. You’ll be able to start counting all the referral fees coming your way just by glancing in the portal.

The Best Service

When you trust Simple Solar to install a solar system on your home, we don’t take that lightly. We know it’s an important decision and we do everything we can to provide you with the best service possible.

Every single person on our team is experienced in the solar industry. When you call us, you’ll talk with a knowledgeable, local person that can get your questions answered. We know the process of going solar inside and out, and we strive to give you the absolute best customer experience imaginable.

Your project will be overseen by a NABCEP approved solar professional. NABCEP is the entity that certifies installation excellence in the solar industry. In order to get NABCEP credentials, you have to know what you’re doing in solar. This gives you some extra peace of mind, knowing that your job will be done right.

When it comes time to have your system installed, our friendly and professional installation crew will make sure that your job adheres to the highest standards. It’ll look great, work perfectly, and you’ll know what to expect in the future. We’ve got the best installers and we’re really proud of the work they do.

The Best Solar Technology

At Simple Solar, we like to keep things straightforward and simple all the way around. This means that we want to provide you with the best technology in the solar industry that just works.

We use a state of the art optimized panel that has 3 different optimizers built right into it. What does that mean for you?

It means that even if part of the panel gets shaded…it’s still producing power. Even if the sun isn’t at the perfect angle, it’s still producing power.

Ultimately, you go solar to save money, and if you can produce more power for the same investment, that’s definitely a good thing. With our optimized solar panels, you’ll do just that without the need for extra parts that can fail over time.

Some solar systems utilize an external optimizer for each panel that can go bad and needs to be replaced. Our panels are optimized on the cell level with fewer parts that can fail. This ensures that your solar system is optimized and producing at its best for decades into the future.

The Decision is Simple

If you’re going to get solar in Southwest Missouri, your decision is a simple one. You get the best service, the best products, fast installation times, and a streamlined process…all for a great price.

If you’ve been thinking about solar and just looking for the right company to work with, look no further. We live to do residential solar and we’re excited to work with you. You can get a no-obligation estimate right from the comfort of home (without having to clean up first). We just need a little bit of information to get things started.

If you’re ready to take control of your electric bill and start saving money now, get a free quote from Simple Solar. It’s a lot easier than you ever thought it could be to get solar.

[pullquote align=”normal”]You get the best service, the best products, fast installation times, and a streamlined process…all for a great price. [/pullquote]